Ode of a hermit.

In December 2013 i promised myself a new life, alas just like my infinite promises to “get fit” every year, that dream has been dashed. I say this as i sit on my bed in my parents apartment with my oversized Dugong plush to keep me company on lonely nights (ew not like that).

And so it has come time for me to start an intervention… on myself

Actually that’s not fair, i’ve been well behaved in terms of health this year, i only ate an entire pack of m&m’s TWICE and i’ve downloaded 2 of Jillian Michaels shred DVD’s, and sure i haven’t been able to get through the entire DVD sets, but i did a 7hr hike over Tongariro followed by a 4hr hike in Abel Tasman and only fell over once from getting my hoodie tangled on my head and if that’s not effort, i don’t know what is.

I mean sure my goals are at a snails pace, at this rate i’ll start my hipster coffee shop in 2020, but at least it’s happening (it’s not happening.)