This is the best cover of a song i’ve never heard of.

#15 Stop being ‘Busy’ as an excuse to be lazy

Definitely my favourite place to go when i’m tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday city living.

This makes me dizzy with jealousy.

This makes me dizzy with jealousy.

Oh hey tumblr…

So it’s March now and i have not yet visited a dentist, cut my hair, dated a boy who travels, joined a gym or designed anything except some mediocre visual merchandising at my less-than dead-end retail job.

On the up-side i’ve developed a crush on my (at the time) new manager which fizzled out after a few weeks of not going to work and him attempting to enforce his superiority through casual banter which was a bit sickening. Developed a crush on the guy who features in videos for @Therealnigahiga *spoiler alert* still do. And i doodled a bit while watching all of Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover (getting my creative juices flowing, + a little too much youtube). I’ve slept a lot, applied for close to 15 jobs in between, received 2 endearing letters of rejection and was asked “do you go to the gym?” by a non-creepy stranger which lead me to consume an entire packet of Tim Tams, which were delicious. Such highlights. So wow.

Considered buying tickets to Hawaii or doing a SE Asia trip. Instead bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand and have zero plans of what to do when i get there.

Lessons i’ve learnt in 3 months.
1. I actually don’t need to join a gym. And am not the big fatty boom bah that i keep telling myself i am (except i’m still lazy, negative and essentially failing at life.)

2. i need to remember the random shit i say to people when i go off on mindless tangents, because unlike my parents, they’re actually listening.

3. How does one go and make friends like in “Friends”? I feel as though i’ve messed up the “High-School friends” window of opportunity. But it’s not my fault if they’re all married with children or have lifestyles i don’t want to get involved in. i.e. tree-hugging-extreme-hippy life (not a lesson, just a thought)

4. Need to stop swearing, it’s motherfuckin un-lady like.

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